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003Francis Mariani 9Los Angeles, CA46682PIX
This sat at a local dealer for 3 years due to it's high price tag until I took ownership of it. I did a lot of restoration to it details are on my website.
019David Birchell 8Sacramento, CA5000PIX
Bought back in 1995 as a converted game, but owner kept all original parts. Has Tollian's Web harness, Amplifone monitor and "finger" ROM hack.
025Alpha1 9Earth57351PIX
068Rob Gallagher 7Howard beach, New York0055891PIX
Came from Coney Island, N.Y. Found in a arcade owners warehouse who still owns the arcade and traded him a Robotron for it, needs a little restoration but a complete original survivor
076Jon eXidy 9Lakeland, Florida22334PIX
119Archer Maclean 7UK46761PIX
Found working in Illinois, and probably the 1st brought into UK, May 2002. Cab is reasonably solid for meter count, but original side art flaking off in odd places. Hence recreating perfectionistic MH dedicated side art and CPO. Soon cab will be a 9.75 :) Superb gameplay.
194Kevin Stone 1Chattanooga, TN35029PIX
Game accuried from collector Kraig Ashley. Great condition. Used to play the dedicated at the Galleria in Atlanta and the Space duel conversion in DC.
248 Brian Jones 9.5 Orlando, Florida under 1000PIX
This is one of my all time favorite games, I played it in the 80's at the Lake Square Mall in Leesburg Florida at the Gold Mine arcade.
290Chris Candreva 8Manaroneck, NY58749PIX
Purchased from a collector in CA, this had a Wells Gardner when I bought it. I've since installed an Ampliphone monitor.
297John Perry 8Burbank, CAPIX
A long time grail that I recently obtained on eBay. Someday I hope to replace the WG monitor with an Ampliphone. With that and a couple of cosmetic improvements (CPO, less faded marquee) it could be a 9 to 9.5
298Jeff Lintz 9Cleveland, OH7132PIX
My favorite game.
616Mike Duruqi 7New York, NY12,490PIX
999Dan Mitchell 8CAcoming soonPIX
I bought this game from my friend and fellow collector, David Gotto. It has a nice working amplifone monitor, and Tollian web PCB and harness.played in the arcade under the huntington beach pier
AEP#3Alpha1 8Earth1671PIX
Atari Engineering Proto in the Crystal Castles style cab
NAUtahtaper 9Salt Lake City,UT29399PIX
One of my all time favs too. Played it as a kid at the game room of the Iron Blossom lodge at the Snowbird ski resort. I played it as the Tempest conversion then.
UR00108Brent Cobb 5Las VegasPIX
This is just the board, but it's from an Upright cab, so I thought it belonged here.

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