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Game Info
Black Widow - 1982 - Atari

  • Game Status: Current Collection
  • Game Aquired from: Jon Exidy
  • Joined Collection: 8/1/2003
  • Left Collection:

  • :: Download Manual ::

    Description of the game:
    Another of the Atari color XY games that I love so much. Black Widow is basically vector Robotron and is equally as fun to play. Most Black Widow machines are actually Gravitars converted, mine happens to be a factory conversion and is in amazing condition. Everything is original except for the T-molding.

    Restoration Process:
  • Rebuild the monitor
  • Install LV2000
  • Install NOS sticks
  • Clean

  • GameTalk
    Chris Alcott - 3/9/2006 3:49:14 AM
    How do you know if it's a factory conversion or not? My Black Widow has this side art but I think there is Gravitar side art underneath...
    Brian - 3/9/2006 8:18:38 AM
    Almost all Black Widows are Gravitar conversions, however, the ones Atari converted in the factory have the appropriate markings on the harness and serial number stickers.
    Tom - 3/10/2006 1:58:30 PM
    Atari made both Gravitar AND Black Widow conversion kits - I've seen both boxes. Can't imagine anyone convertinga Black Widow to a Gravitar though...

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