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Game Info
Gauntlet - 1982 - Atari

  • Game Status: Traded
  • Game Aquired from: Chris Walker - Atlanta
  • Joined Collection: 11/20/2004
  • Left Collection:

  • :: Download Manual ::

    Description of the game:
    Man I loved this game. At the time I was a huge Dungeons and Dragons fan and Gauntlet played right into that. I was playing tons of RPG's, Zork text style adventures and such on my Atari computer during this year. This machine is in very good shape, when I got it the thing was converted to Gauntlet 2 and was badly yellowed. Thankfully, peeling back the yellow art revealed nearly perfect original gauntlet 1 art! I love just about everything about the game.. the theme, speech, 4 players.. great stuff!

    Restoration Process:
  • Installed Arcadeshop marquee art
  • removed old Gauntlet 2 overlay to reveal original
  • cleaned

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