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Game Info
Marble Madness - 1985 - Atari

  • Game Status: Current Collection
  • Game Aquired from: Jon Exidy
  • Joined Collection: 1/2/2001
  • Left Collection:

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    Description of the game:
    Another of my top 4 games of all time. I don't know why, but i've always loved Marble Madness. Something about the pseudo-3d effects for the time. I can consistently reach the Silly Race and often the Ultimate Race. My machine came from a warehouse in Jacksonville and I did a full restore on it. Some other console games that this game is similar to would be Realm of Impossibility on many 8 bit computers and Super Monkey Ball on today's Gamecube.

    Restoration Process:
  • Stripped and repainted the entire cabinet
  • installed a brand new monitor
  • Recapped the power supply
  • Replaced big blue
  • Installed a reproduction Overlay from
  • Rebuilt both trackballs
  • replaced both speakers

  • GameTalk
    Charles - 8/5/2005 2:08:09 PM
    This game is awesome (Part One). The music matches the geometric scenery so well and has many great stereo transitions from left to right channels. I love the whole frantic urgency of it all. I still learn different tricks and paths when watching other people play even though I have played this game many times. (More to come....)
    Jim Dobson - 10/9/2006 1:50:30 AM
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    action games - 4/14/2007 12:57:26 PM
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