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Game Info
Warlords - 1980 - Atari

  • Game Status: Traded
  • Game Aquired from: Atlanta Auction
  • Joined Collection: 1/1/2003
  • Left Collection: 4/4/2004

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    Description of the game:
    Cool game that is a counterpart to it's more famous Atari 2600 version.. Few people played warlords in arcades, while everyone had the cart! This machine has fantastic glowing fireball artwork surrounding the monitor.. I got this game at a very wierd Tampa auction for 35 bucks!

    Restoration Process:
  • cleaned
  • Joe Bachmann fixed the pcb
  • Fixed a wierd blown regulator diode

  • GameTalk
    leslie collins - 8/17/2005 7:28:40 PM
    prok bubby you make sure you kepp this game in the best shape in your life this is the one of the koolest games that atari ever made
    Pearson - 4/5/2006 3:12:08 PM
    I own this very machine. I worked when i first acquired it, but a message of RAM something-or-other came up, and now i need to repair it. Aside from the need to fix it, what is a fair sale price for it? I am running out of room in my 1 bedroom apartment for it. Also, do yo know of any databases where i can research the value of arcade games, and their collectability? Would be a great help to [email protected] Thanks
    Brian - 4/5/2006 7:49:42 PM
    You mean you actually own the machine I used to? As for fixing it, try Alex at, he's a wiz with those boards. Value, that's a good question, usually not much for upright, maybe a couple hundred bucks.

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