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Game Info
Rug Rats - 1982 - Nichibutsu

  • Game Status: Traded
  • Game Aquired from: Ebay
  • Joined Collection: 1/28/2005
  • Left Collection:

  • :: Download Manual ::

    Description of the game:
    Rug Rats is a game I actually never saw in arcades. This one came to me via MAME and is one of those few games that never hit big but are still very fun. This game was at the orlando auction but I lost the bid, later I bought the same game from the person that did. In hindsight, I should have one it originally because the dealer that bought it make a complete mess of the game that i've spent many hours undoing.

    Restoration Process:
  • Cleaned it
  • rewired the coin door
  • Cut a new back door

  • GameTalk
    1001 - 3/27/2008 11:33:50 AM

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