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Current projects found in the database:

Pong Pens
Hand turned wood pens made from leftover Pong wood!

My first Mame cabinet.

Screw Loose
How I made the first ever Screw Loose cab

Atari Pong
The restoration of a Pong

Stern Minefield
The restoration of a rare Minefield upright.

Joust Repaint
The complete strip down of a Williams Joust.

Dragons Lair
An in depth restoration of a Dragon's Lair.

Track and Field
Repainting this commonly damaged game.

Repair and Reproduction of some Defender Cabs

Pooyan Boards
How I reproduce a special piece for a game.

Sundance Restoration
Probably the most severe restoration i've ever done.

Gameroom Tour 2005
Here's the latest version of the gameroom, still somewhat under construction in my new house.

How stencils work
I show with pictures how to use the vinyl stencils I sell.

Black Widow Overlays
A few shots of the process of making the artwork for a reproduction.

Burgertime Pepper Buttons
How to make your own Pepper button from an old yellowed one.

Screw Loose Rare Images
Some amazing screen grabs from Tim Skelly himself.

Gameroom Tour 2006
Been a long time since I took shots of what's in the gameroom!