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Project Started:1/1/2005Project Status:Current Collection

Goal of Project:
My first Mame cabinet.
One of the things i've been threatening myself with for a long time was to take a shot at a Mame cabinet. Mame cabs have always frustrated the collector in me as I see Mamers constantly killing perfectly good arcade cabinets instead of taking converted trashed cabinets and maming those. So, i'm putting my money where my mouth is and have made a faithful clone of the classic 'Reactor'. Not one part in this cabinet is from an original Reactor machine although some hardware came from an old Qbert cabinet, so it is 95% new and zero classic games lost their lives for it to exist.
I've already done many tutorials on how to make cabinets etc, this picture just shows the reproduction marquee (yes, the wood, speakers and overlay are all reproduction). An old converted street fighter in a reactor cabinet provided the original to work from to make the copy. The grill material came from an old jamma game grill that I cut to size. The glass behind the reactor logo is 1/4 inch thick and my local glass company was happy to cut it for 4.00.
The control panel was custom bent using a Qbert for sizing at SFI, a metalworks place in Orlando. Added to this panel is a Happ Controls USB/PS2 trackball and 4 new red leafswitch pushbuttons from This was a drop in solution, no cutting and one plug back to the PC.
First thing is power, I went simple and put in a power strip screwed to the back bottom of the cabinet and a new isolation
Shopping List 1 PC motherboard 1 18 inch fixture 2 4 inch speakers 1 10 gig hard drive 1 ATX power supply 1 ArcadeVGA card Computer speakers. Total Price: $140.00 Once power was done, I started the rest of the cabinet. A marquee light, and couple speakers were purchased at Lowes. I then used some of my old PC guts I had laying around to put together a simple motherboard, 256 megs of pc100 ram, 10 gig hard drive and power supply. Jon Exidy lent me an ArcadeVGA card so that I could use a Wells Gardner 4900 arcade monitor for this project. The hard drive has Windows 2000 installed and boots right to Gamelauncher. I installed several trackball games that all work great on this machine without having 20 billion buttons, sticks, spinners, balls and god knows what else that so many mamers try to do.
troy - 3/31/2007 9:18:05 AM

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