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Project:Black Widow Overlays
Project Started:1/1/2006Project Status:Sold

Goal of Project:
A few shots of the process of making the artwork for a reproduction.
I spent hours working to redraw this art from a scan on Thanks to Jason Fowler they were actually printed in 2004! Black Widow is one of my favorite games and cabinets. The colorful artwork is awesome. I really owe both Jason Fowler and Roy Kaplan a debt of thanks for their help in making this happen. The final artwork file was a combination of mine and Roy's illustrator work.. whoever drew it best, that part was in.
I used Adobe Illustrator on the Macintosh to do my drawing, here it is about halfway.
Here's the overlay art at near completion. Just some tiny tweaks to go.
Testing for alignment.
testing for color
Full print prior to screening (colors really don't matter as Jason had them spot matched from a loaner panel) The top is a test inkjet print on CPO material, the bottom is my first full printout of 8x10 sheets of paper taped together!
spriggy - 6/18/2006 8:31:06 AM

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