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Project:Gameroom Tour 2006
Project Started:9/2/2006Project Status:Sold

Goal of Project:
Been a long time since I took shots of what's in the gameroom!
Here's the latest:
Here you can see Pong, Food Fight, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Space Ace and Millipede. My cool Coke tableset with the Stewarts Orange bottle is kinda neat. Also have some of my favorite toys from the 80's in the Kreepy Krawly stuff, a board game called Pig Mania where you toss pigs like dice, a Tron movie cel, Air Trix board game, some Pop Shoppe bottles (man did I drink a lot of that as a kid) and Grimmy from Mother Goose and Grimm.
Now a pic from the other direction, you see Dedicated Major Havoc, Tutankham, Screw Loose, Mad Planets, Wizard of Wor and Warrior. Some Charles Chips cans and an original Pepsi Challenge license plate on the red wal with my original Chronicles of Narnia books on the Mad Planets. A full Tilt K-Tel album and Joysticks poster are there too. My cool Blacklight stick on top of the Major Havoc came from Target.
One More Angle... Now you see Millipede, Black Widow, Marble Madness. Some Snorks, Magic Rocks, Tinkertoys a Fire Truck bezek and Spy Vs Spy figure in this one. My Zookeeper is sitting next to Pong, didn't make it in the shots.
Here's some of the stuff in the garage, Drag Race, Sprint 2, Tutankham, Zzyzzyxx, Circus Charlie, Donkey Kong and Qbert. In the storage unit is a Tron and Krull.

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