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Bolt Head Restoration
Goal of this Article:
How to refinish those factory black head bolts.
This stuff is one of my favorite tricks i've found lately. I buy it at Bass Outdoor World (it comes in a sharpie like pen too). It's basic Gun Blueing chemicals! Ever had a black bolt on a game that you had to paint? Ever notice paint looks wrong, but you accept it because the bolt is black again? here's how to get the factory black finish back!
Here's a typical panel bolt. Rusty, dull and not black anymore. We'd rather not paint this as the original had an anodized blue/black finish.
Pop the bolt in a power drill and spin it in some 400 grit sandpaper in the palm of your hand and it will polish right up! Now dip it in the Cleaner/Degreaser and wipe dry.
Same bolt, dipped in the Perma Blue solution. Wait 1 minute and buff with a soft paper towel.. Repeat this 4 times. Takes about 3 minutes. The bolt will look almost rusty before buffing.
It's hard to take a picture of a bolt head, but it does now have a nice deep blueblack color that wont scratch or rub off! A perfect match to the original finish!
[email protected] - 2/8/2007 12:42:15 AM
Nice touch, great attention to detail.
Neilyboy - 10/19/2007 10:31:02 PM
very nice, I will deff have to give this a shot with the speaker bolts on my ms. pac-man.

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