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Restoration Essentials
Goal of this Article:
These are the top ten essential items to have as a general purpose restorer!
For everyone that is new to restoring these old classic games, there's always a first question.. What should I use? Well, these are the main items I personally suggest after many many tedious restorations done. I'm very particular about all my restoration work, so it has to look factory or not damage original parts or I won'tuse it.
This simple product found at most grocery stores is the single best cleaner for overlays I have ever used. This stuff takes the worst of grime off any overlay and makes it look like new again. Trick to using this stuff is to buy it in bulk and soak a corner of a shop towel with it and use that corner to clean one area at a time. Don't however, use this stuff on sideart! It will eat into the ink!
Not to be confused with Goof Off, Goo Gone is a citrus based sticky stuff remover.. This product works fantastic to get balls of gum off of sideart, or sticker residue from auctions off of marquees :) Very mild product, won't damage anything but pulls those hard to clean things off with ease.
Goof Off is not for the faint of heart. This product is extremely powerful, but at the same time can cause horrible damage to your game if not used properly. The main thing I always tell people to do is moisten a terry cloth shop towel with Goof Off and rub it in that way, NEVER put straight Goof Off on your game anywhere! Seriously, full strength this stuff would take the fur off a goat. Primary uses, removing adhesive residue from control panels when applying new overlays, cleaning tough dirt from painted cabinets such as pac-man, cleaning cabinets with vinyl sides (Galaxian). Above all, never ever let this stuff get near your sideart or overlays! It will immediately melt your overlay and cause a very ugly situation for you!
This simple thing is often overlooked but works wonders. For painted cabs like Gorf or Pac-Man that traditionally get extremely dirty and scuffed no other chemical is truly safe.. BUT, with an orbital buffer and a shop towel, polishing compound can make the game look like new again. I use it on sideart and painted cabs with fantastic results.
For doing tougher tasks like getting years of grime out of the crevices of joysticks and buttons, Pine Sol does an amazing job. I just make a bucket of it (about 1 cup to a gallon of water so it is pretty strong) and let the parts soak. After about an hour the dirt and grime practically falls off.
This comes in an aeresol can and is sold at Lowes in Florida. I use it to put that finishing and maintaining touch on the entire cabinet (except marquees and backglass of course). It is like Armor All for games!! it will keep your newly cleaned overlay looking it's best.
Steve Moritz - 9/23/2005 12:17:54 PM
Nice Work, Brian ... Very informative. And that crack about the goat fur had me rolling in my chair. Can't wait to try the turtle wax, but have you ever tried millwax (a product primarily used by pinballers)? It basically does the same thing by putting a nice shine on eveything it is used on.
Dan Hall - 8/9/2006 2:05:35 AM
Btw, Cabinet Magic is also sold at ACE Hardware in Florida. (I only mention this because there is no Lowes where I live...dang small towns)
Mark E. - 5/25/2007 4:13:59 PM
Top Ten? There's only 6???? LOL! Seriously, very nice site, great resources!

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